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Status: can't wait to go to college...
Want to watch:
something sexy
Currently watching (in order of what I love the most):
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Office Girls(If you couldn't tell...I love it.)
In Time With You (skimming for DaRenXYouQing scenes; the rest is boring)

Lee Min Hot
Love this picture of him. He looks so cool.

Writer's Block: 9/11
Where were you?

Song of the week: "Be Mine" by Infinite

It was stuck in my head all day :P

H2O is the best: OMFG!!!!

Manga recommendation of the week: H2O

It's technically a manhwa (Korean manga)...this should be made into a drama! It's so good! READ IT (you'll know what I mean when you do.)

I'm in love with this song by kband Monni

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Hurricane Irene has left me powerless for 1.5 days. Why do I have internet, then? Because my dad connected his laptop to a generator, which is extremely noisy (sounds like a lawn mower) and I would like it to shut up...it makes it hard to sleep at night...but then I'd have no internet :-\...I feel like I'm camping...I wish my town would fix this no-power problem already. My whole street has no power. I'd like a hot shower.

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Black Butler is fucking awesome:

It's been a while since I've watched an anime that I like enough to see myself finishing. I think the last anime I watched from start to finish was Oran High School Host club...I keep looking for good recommendations but everything I've come across in the last 2 years I hate. That's sort of the reason how I got into dramas, cus I find the plots more interesting and the voices actors less annoying (3 years ago i used to only watch anime.) Funimation should step up its game to air decent animes during the day. All of the good animes are at night, when I'm sleeping! :-\

Japanese notes #1



Ohayo gozaimasu (formal)= Good morning

            Asa- morning


Konnichiwa= Good afternoon/ Hello

            Hiru- afternoon


Konbanwa= Good evening

            Yoru- night


Oyasuminasai= Good night


Japanese conversation:


Hajimemashite= Nice to meet you.


Dōzo yoroshiku [onegaishimasu] = Please be kind to me.


Mouichidou onegaishimasu, yukuri onegaishimasu= one more time, slowly please


Sō desu= that’s right


Kudasai/ onegaishimasu= please


Shitsurei shimashita= Excuse me (I was rude.)


Sumimasen= Sorry/ excuse me (i.e. I stepped on your foot)




O-hisashiburi desu= I haven’t heard from you in a long time (it’s been a long time)

            Variations: Hisashiburi (very informal)

                                    O-hisashiburi (informal)


Shibaraku desu ne= It’s been a while


O-genki desu ka= How have you been? (formal)

            Variations: Genki desu ka= How are you?

            Respond with: Genki desu (I’m fine.)

Zékkōuchōu desu (I’m on top of the world, I’m doing great)


Okagesama de…[genki desu] = Thanks to you, [I am fine].


Gakusei= student


Kochira= this direction  


Gakkou= school


No= of


Tomodachi= friend


Wakarimasen= I don’t understand


Kochira wa gakkou no tomodachi no Jenni desu= This is Jenni, a friend from school.


Japanesepod no Watanabe desu.= I’m Japanesepad’s Watanabe.




Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.= Happy New Year.


Kotoshi mo dozo yoroshiku= this year also please be kind to me.


Kochira koso…dozo yoroshiku= same here “ “


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