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What I'm watching
Status: can't wait to go to college...
Want to watch:
something sexy
Currently watching (in order of what I love the most):
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Office Girls(If you couldn't tell...I love it.)
In Time With You (skimming for DaRenXYouQing scenes; the rest is boring)

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LOL, we are like polar opposites - I only started getting obsessed about MW after it turned melo. I am a huge melo fan :)

Let me know how Soredemo turns out - I have my eye on that one.

haha well i like a little bit of everything. i just prefer dramas to stay in the drama they start out in. if you're a melo fan than you'd LOVE Soredemo. I think it's quickly becoming my favorite jdrama. I admit that it's slow, but jdramas are usually that. But the plot flows well and there are no moments when I'm bored because each moment is tided together. You have to check it out for yourself because it's hard to describe the exact feelings when watching it and the vibe is different from what I've ever seen, though I admit that I've never watched a drama centering around families (from the victim/assailant's perspective) trying to deal with the aftermath of a child murder done by a teenager...that might have something to do with it :P

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