Hajimemashite, Melissa desu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Okay, so I've always loved the Japanese language and have wanted to learn it. If they offered Japanese in my school I would have taken it 100 times over French :P. It's only recently that I have took on the challenge (started about 4 days ago).
And it's so much fun! I'm learning by listening to the amazing podcasts on this site: japanesepod101.com.
Right now, I'm only on my 7 day trial. And hopefully, my Dad will buy the Basic package for me so I can continue to learn Japanese by listening to these podcasts. I already asked my mom and she was being crabby that day and said no because she thinks that it'll become an addiction like Kdramas. I get her point buy ironically since learning Japanese, I've cut down tremendously on my Kdrama watching. Which is a good thing, because I was getting way too addicted...at a bad time when ACTs are coming up. And unlike just killing my time by watching dramas, I feel that I'm actually being semi-productive in using some of my free time to try to learn a new language.

The King and the Clown
After reading thunderbolt's post on her blog (http://thundie.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/revisiting-old-favorites/#more-14704), i decided to watch "The King and the Clown" because OMG Lee jun-ki looks so fucking beautiful and hot in it, it's not even funny.
here's a pic:

and another one...

GOURGEOUS!!! Okay...now I finally get why people love Lee Jun-ki!

"The King and the Clown" is an adaptation from the 2000 play titled "Yi", ("You") about the evil/crazy Yeonsangun of Joseon, who falls in love with a court clown who mocks him. Thankfully, the one Lee Jun-ki loves is not the pyschotic king (he just pities him), but someone else...

There was some awesome chemistry between Lee Jun-ki and his best friend, another minstrel he's known for a long time. You can totally feel the love between them. Yes...both guys...but it doesn't feel gross at all. It's very subtle, but the way they look at each other and how they're willing to die for eachother totally gives away their true love ^^...

Please go watch it! One of my favorites.


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